Dec 16, 2014

Forestry has a Future Amid Constant Challenge

While we focus on LNG plants and pipelines, the important forestry industry is facing serious challenges. These challenges matter to us all. Forestry is BC’s largest export product with $10 Billion in sales (2011), 30% of BC’s exports.  Half of…

Dec 09, 2014

Renewables won’t solve the energy equation

If you believe the answer to challenges of extracting, moving and exporting oil is to invest massively in renewable energy, you need to listen to CBC’s The Current from December 2. Host Anna Maria Tremonti asked if renewable energy is…

Dec 02, 2014

Why Support Northern Gateway but not the New Prosperity Mine?

That’s the question BCP got when we recently posted our opposition to the New Prosperity Mine, which has failed two environmental assessments. If New Prosperity is too risky, how can we support Northern Gateway? As we’ve said before, we respect…

Nov 30, 2014

New Website Lets Citizens Decide

British Columbians for Prosperity has developed a new website that lets citizens personally track the status of the Northern Gateway Pipeline. British Columbians can be sceptical. We want to see for ourselves and make our own decisions. That’s a good…

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Nov 25, 2014

Lawbreakers Handled with Kid Gloves

Last week, the RCMP arrested 78 people who were breaking the law. The offenders purposefully defied a Court injunction to move out of the way so that Kinder Morgan employees could do their job. That job is to survey Burnaby…

Nov 20, 2014

New Prosperity Mine Just Doesn’t Pass the Test

In most situations, a development project can be designed to respect responsible environmental stewardship. Canadians test that balance with an environmental assessment process. Taseko Mines’ New Prosperity Gold-Copper mine, however, has failed that test. It wasn’t “approved with conditions” like…

Nov 07, 2014

B.C. Must Look Beyond LNG

Pppfffffttttt. That’s the sound of British Columbia’s LNG balloon losing a bit more air. Another day brings another announcement of a delay. BG Group PLC has deferred their decision to proceed with an LNG Terminal on Ridley Island near Prince…

Oct 23, 2014

What Happens if Oil Spills?

Many reasonable people worry about the response to an oil spill. We can take all reasonable precautions – even in our own lives – but sometimes accidents happen. Yes, and the way to prepare for any industrial accident is with…

Oct 15, 2014

Canada’s Environment Commissioner Ignores Five Key Facts

Last Tuesday, the federal Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development issued a report that the media characterize as “scathing” on Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emission control. There are five important facts you won’t find in this report. 1. Canada…

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Oct 04, 2014

Municipalities Risk Prosperity for All of Us

British Columbia’s municipalities seem determined to kill the goose that might lay the golden egg. We have already written here about Burnaby’s activist city council that is determined to reject the $264 million in municipal tax dollars that the Trans…

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