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British Columbians for Prosperity is an independent, non-partisan group of concerned British Columbians. We are committed to establishing an economic, environmental and social climate where all British Columbians and our children will prosper.
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What we do

  • Research
  • Educate
  • Raise awareness
  • Foster dialogue
  • Collaborate
  • Advocate

British Columbians for Prosperity promotes and expects to achieve measured development in an environmentally conscious manner. For development, trade, commerce, and industry in British Columbia, we:

  • Research issues and publish fact-based information,
  • Educate and increase public awareness,
  • Foster dialogue and collaboration, and
  • Advocate on issues which align with our vision.

Our Vision and Context

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Prosperity goes beyond the accumulation of individual or material wealth; it is also the joy of everyday life and the prospect of an even better life in the future. We have been fortunate to have benefited from living in a prosperous British Columbia and want prosperity for all British Columbians, now and in the future.

British Columbians for Prosperity looks to influence and create a healthy atmosphere where there are balanced perspectives concerning the economy, development projects, protecting the environment, bolstering trade, and governments’ ability to deliver services for our communities. When this balance is achieved, all British Columbians will enjoy and benefit from secure employment, wealth creation and prosperity.

Environmental concerns are perpetually top of mind among British Columbians. There are many organizations who oppose all development and their voices have largely dominated the conversation. We seek to bring balance to the discussion rather than perpetuate further divisions. Saying no to all development is not an option. Measured development in an environmentally conscious manner is the right choice.

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