About the Team

Bruce Lounds, Founder

Bruce became a British Columbian when he relocated with his family to Vancouver in 2001. He had extensive management, project development and engineering experience, with roles at Conoco Phillips and BP Canada. He retired in the late 1990’s, using his time to support his family and to provide consulting services through Connex Solutions.

Bruce founded British Columbians for Prosperity because he believed that continued prosperity is important to British Columbia. It is an opportunity to provide jobs and careers for our youth as wells as providing tax revenue to provide for education, healthcare and infrastructure projects in B.C. During his residence in British Columbia, Bruce was particularly concerned when he saw the difficulty of young people to start their careers with strong wages and opportunities for advancement. He also felt that the media focused on the negative position of the resource industry, not allowing for ordinary citizens to obtain facts and learn about the benefits of sustainable development. Bruce founded British Columbians for Prosperity as an independent, non-partisan group of concerned British Columbians to provide the community with additional information, to allow for a more balanced debate.

Bruce Lounds passed away on July 2nd, 2015.

Grace Lindsay, President and Executive Director

Grace is particularly fond of and committed to the province of British Columbia; it is where she was raised, attended local schools, graduated from university, worked for a part of her career, and raised her family. Grace was the wife of Bruce Lounds.

Grace became a British Columbian for the second time, when she relocated with Bruce and their family to Vancouver in 2001. She has extensive management, strategic planning, project and program management, and technological experience, with roles at BP Canada, Duke Energy (Westcoast Energy) and Methanex. Grace retired in 2004, from a full-time career; she uses her time to support her family and to provide consulting services through Connex Solutions.

Grace is an avid supporter of British Columbians for Prosperity. She believes that there needs to be more fact-based information available for the average citizen; that all British Columbians need to fully understand the challenges, consequences and impacts of economic choices. Grace has always been an advocate of a moderate approach, finding the balance between moving forward and protecting what is important. She is concerned and determined to balance issues between the economy, the environment and the social needs of the community. Grace believes that continued prosperity is important to British Columbia now and for future generations.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of a variety of part-time stakeholders and contributors, including:

  • Members and the Board of Directors who are British Columbians with similar beliefs and concerns aligned with the vision of the society,
  • Advisers and researchers who help us focus on issues and opportunities and develop fact-based documentation and tools to support our cause,
  • And various technical and administrative services for ongoing support.

Who We Are

British Columbians for Prosperity is an independent group of concerned British Columbians. We are committed to establishing an economic, environmental and social climate where all British Columbians and our children will prosper.
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