Nov 24, 2017

What the end of NAFTA could mean for jobs in western Canada

53 per cent of the value of BC’s total exports go to the United States, making the province vulnerable to changes in US trade policies. More than ever, BC needs to look for ways to diversify trade beyond NAFTA, in…

Nov 19, 2017

BC Utilities Commission admits mistakes in Site C report but says conclusions still valid

Recommended reading from CBC News: This week, new studies have been released sharing differing viewpoints from those the BC Utilities Commission has found regarding Site C. A UBC study found British Columbians will receive more jobs from alternative energy projects,…

Nov 17, 2017

LNG Alliance, Woodfibre LNG, sound alarm over trade tariffs

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal has imposed tariffs on fabricated industrial steel parts from countries outside of Canada that are needed for BC’s LNG industry. These tariffs could reach 45.8 per cent, burdening Canadian LNG ventures in a very big way. Read on here.

Nov 16, 2017

Building trades union group calls regulators’ Site C report ‘fundamentally flawed’

Recommending reading from Global News: The Allied Hydro Council of BC has produced a report arguing the BC Utilities Commission was wrong to suggest BC Hydro is overestimating the province’s future need for power. If power demand grew by one…

Nov 09, 2017

Canadian lumber producers hammered after softwood talks fail to reach deal

BC’s lumber producers are continuing to be hammered by punitive duties as trade with the Unites States continues. The Canadian government has called the duties “unfair, unwarranted and deeply troubling.” BC’s premier is urging Canada to stay united as it defends Canadian…

Nov 06, 2017

Amazon opening new office – but not second headquarters – in Vancouver

Recommended reading from The Globe and Mail: Amazon has announced it is opening a second office in Vancouver, and will double its current work force in the city to 2,000 by 2020. The announcement is touted as being “a great day for jobs in British…

Oct 31, 2017

Society to dissolve by end of 2017

  Dear Members, Followers and Community, After thoughtful consideration, British Columbians for Prosperity’s Directors and Members have approved a motion to dissolve our Society by the end of 2017. Over the course of the five years of our Society’s activities,…

Oct 04, 2017

Value of farm-raised salmon climbing fast, industry report says

Recommended reading from the Vancouver Sun: Between 2013 and 2016, the value of farmed fish in BC rose by 37 per cent. Global demand for salmon has increased while supply has been curtailing. This has enabled the industry to create…

Oct 02, 2017

Experts take on B.C.’s housing-affordability crisis at annual UBCM

Citing a 2015 study from Vancity, David Ley, a geography professor at the University of British Columbia, says that by 2020, 82 of 88 workers in high demand jobs will be unable to afford a single-family home in Metro Vancouver. What…

Sep 25, 2017

Techies hail new Seattle trade office

Greater Victoria’s tech sector is applauding the province establishment of a new trade and investment office in Seattle. By 2030, the tech sector in Victoria is hoping to achieve an ambitious goal of having existing companies more than double their current combined revenues to $10 billion,…

Sep 22, 2017

BC economy forecast to grow faster than expected this year

Recommended reading from The Globe and Mail: Robust consumer spending is expected to spur BC’s provincial economic growth at a faster rate than originally anticipated. The Economic Forecast Council expects BC’s GDP to increase by 3 per cent in 2017, surpassing its previous forecast of 2.3…

Sep 21, 2017

North Coast wind projects show signs of progress

DONG energy has signed a letter of intent with the NaiKun Wind Energy Group to pursue development of Canada’s first offshore wind project in BC’s Hecate Strait. This strait is home to one of the strongest, most consistent wind resources…

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