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Hot Topics

British Columbians for Prosperity is actively following a wide range of topics that could affect British Columbia’s future prosperity. Watch for Site C information coming soon.

Key Issue Categories

British Columbians for Prosperity’s materials and research cover key topics and aim to promote and support measured economic growth and investment. Click on the category name to view our materials.

  • Economy: For prosperity, economic factors and influences must be tracked on a performance basis and considered for future investments and outlooks.
  • Environment: Economic development must be environmentally sustainable.
  • First Nations: The responsibility to consult and collaborate with First Nations is mandatory in BC.
  • Fiscal & Tax Policy: BC needs and depends on investment and trade to support ongoing economic development and public services.
  • Government: Federal, provincial and municipal government policies and decisions can directly impact the economic state of the province and local communities, as well as impacting the economic viability of development projects.
  • Infrastructure: Transportation and infrastructure are the backbone of a good economy and to meet the needs of communities. New infrastructure and continual upgrades must minimize environmental impacts.
  • Labour and Employment: Key challenges for employers include how to find enough skilled workers, how to adjust to a more diverse and aging workforce, and how to comply with workplace regulations.
  • Resources & Energy: Natural resources are, and will continue to be, a crucial cornerstone of the economic well-being of British Columbians. We must develop new forms of resources and energy and connect them with global markets. Development needs to minimize environmental impacts and maximize economic benefits for communities and BC’s job creators.
  • Skills, Training & Education: Primary education, industry training, the university system, immigrant integration and other human-capital issues are all crucial to BC’s economic development.
  • Trade, Productivity & Innovation: BC’s ability to adapt to change and prosper in a global economy depends on how we find new ways of doing business and how we work with new trading partners.

Who We Are

British Columbians for Prosperity is an independent group of concerned British Columbians. We are committed to establishing an economic, environmental and social climate where all British Columbians and our children will prosper.
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