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  • The Business Council of British Columbia
    The Business Council of British Columbia aims to produce timely and exceptional public-policy research and advice on issues to enhance BC’s competitiveness and prosperity. As a collaborative, non-partisan organization, the Council strives to be a venue where members, policy experts, elected officials and government decision makers can address problems and form solutions together.
  • Northern BC Development Council
    Northern Development Initiative Trust (Northern Development) was established in November 2004 (with Act amendment in September 2005) by the provincial government to foster economic development and job creation in central and northern British Columbia.
  • Vancouver Board of Trade
    Their mission is to work in the enlightened interest of our members to promote, enhance and facilitate the development of the region as a Pacific centre for trade, commerce and travel. The Board of Trade strives to enable and empower its members to succeed, grow and prosper in the global economy.
  • BC Chamber Executives Society (BCCE)
    The BCCE provides a network, which acts as mentor, teacher and confidante, for sharing resources and information around managing our Chambers and Boards of Trade across British Columbia.
  • British Columbia Forestry Association
    Their mission is to promote and support the practice and expansion of sustainable community forest management in British Columbia.
  • Mining Association of BC
    They represent the collective needs and interests of coal, metal, industrial mineral companies and smelters in British Columbia.
  • Manufacturing Association of BC
    The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) is Canada’s leading trade and industry association serving as the voice of 10,000 leading companies. CME-BC chairs the Alliance for Manufacturing in BC which is a partnership of more than a dozen manufacturing associations.
  • BC Technology Industry Association
    The BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) is a not-for-profit organization that supports the development, growth, and advancement of technology companies located in British Columbia.
  • BC Agriculture Association
    The BC Agriculture Council (BCAC) represents over 14,000 BC farmers and ranchers and close to thirty farm sector associations from all regions of the province. Their mission is to continually improve the social, economic and environmental sustainability of BC Agriculture.
  • Oil Spill Task Force
    With government representatives from B.C., Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington, the ongoing focus of the Task Force is sharing information and resources, coordinating regional oil spill prevention projects, and fostering regulatory compatibility. Evolving trends in energy development are also impacting our field of concern; whereas marine spills prompted the creation of the Task Force, we now consider developing strategies to prevent oil spills from pipelines, onshore facilities, vehicles, and railroads also part of our remit.

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British Columbians for Prosperity is an independent group of concerned British Columbians. We are committed to establishing an economic, environmental and social climate where all British Columbians and our children will prosper.
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