Positioning Statements Overview

  • BC Mining Projects: We support responsible mining and mining projects, which reduce the environmental impact from habitat loss and pollution during all stages of mine development. Exploration, mining projects and operations generate jobs and prosperity in local communities. Learn more here.
  • LNG Project Proposals: We support the development of the LNG industry and facilities, which fulfill our principles for measured development. Projects which meet standards for environmental and social responsibility will help B.C. be competitive in the global LNG market, maintain leadership on climate change and clean energy, and keep energy rates affordable. Learn more here.
  • Pipelines: We support pipeline projects which meet or exceed the strict conditions imposed on them by regulators. Canada’s regulatory process will ensure world-class standards for safety and clean-up in the unlikely event of a spill. Learn more here.
  • Northern Gateway Pipeline: We support the development of the Northern Gateway Pipeline with the fulfillment of the “209 Conditions”. Completion of this project will generate significant economic benefit to BC and to Canada to allow for continued support for needed social programs and health care. Learn more here.
  • Port of Vancouver Projects: We support this kind of infrastructure expansion as we believe it is necessary for the continued growth of industry in British Columbia and increased access to global markets. Port expansion projects provide direct and indirect jobs and tax revenue essential for the prosperity that we all desire. Learn more here.
  • Site C: We support the development of the Site C dam provided it fulfills and adheres to the 80 conditions set forth by the Joint Review Panel. With energy demand forecasted to grow 40 per cent over the next 20 years and other renewable options decades away from viability, we believe Site C is a necessary project that will provide a low carbon source of energy and ensure British Columbia is able to meet its future energy needs. Learn more here.
  • Tanker Safety: We support safe tanker transportation of fossil fuels, which fulfill marine laws and safety measures to protect oceans and the environment. Learn more here.
  • Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion: We support pipeline construction projects which adhere to safety and environmental standards. We believe that pipeline transportation for oil and gas products is the safest mode of transportation and minimizes environmental and other risks. Learn more here.

Who We Are

British Columbians for Prosperity is an independent group of concerned British Columbians. We are committed to establishing an economic, environmental and social climate where all British Columbians and our children will prosper.
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